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Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

"AS YOU SOW SO WILL YOUR REAP" (Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni) is the extraordinary story of an ordinary worker - Ganga Ram, like all fathers he had dreams about his only only son Vijay to whom he has bestowed his cultural heritage of honesty, trustfulness and integrity - little knowing that his son had rejected his father's way of life. A truly great man Ganga Ram felt defeated by his own son when for wealth he married his enemy's daughter. Vijay with his wife Sapna now rolled in wealth but his inner greed was ever-demanding. So, when their first son was just a toddler they used him in emotional blackmail and brought back old Ganga Ram and his wife Laxmi to their rich house. They handed the child to old grand parents and demolished their ancestral home "Ganga Laxmi" to make a skyscrapper. When Vijay and Sapna noticed a vicious growth of affection between their son Ravi and the grand parents, they scored a grand slam f lies by ousting Ganga Ram and Laxmi from their house and by telling Ravi - that the grand parents are dead. This shock made the child Ravi and adult. And then whatever happened was inevitable. Ravi one day discovered that his beloved grand parents were alive and were leading a life of penuary and utter misery. Ravi, thus came to know the story of torture, humiliation and betrayal which his parents had given to his grand parents.
Ravi, now pays his parents in the same coins and teaches them a lesson which becomes an eye opener to all parents who are infested with greed, thanklessness and total ingratitude towards their parents. Parents are after all goldly and should be treated as such.