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Teesri Aankh (1982)

  • LanguageHindi

Evil has dominated good for centuries. .but a day comes when. .good strikes like a lightning and tears apart the evil and truth is born. .and. thus a clash once again starts between the creation of god and.cruelty of devil. Kailashnath an Honest man brings a child and puts him in the lap of his wife Malti, and tells her that he found this child at the feet of Lord Shiva. 

Malti was Craving for a child and she became a Mother to this child whom she Named Ashok. 

Lord Shiva Beissed Malti with two sons Amar and Anand.

But the Honesty of Kailashnath became the cause of his death and while dying he revealed a secret to Malti which stunned her. 

Destiny Separated Amar from the Family.

Malti Firmly believed Ashok the cause of Amar's separation and hated him. But Ashok craved for his Mother's love which he never got. 

Destiny made Amar a thief who fell in love with D. I. G's. care free daughter Sarita.

Anand a spoilt youth who fell for a dancing girl Rekha. and Ashok an honest man who finds his childhood love Barkha in the arms of Ranjit a Henchman of Devil Sheroo the killer of his Father Kailashnath. .now the war once again begins between the creation of Shiva and son of Shaitan.

 And thus starts a spectacular, Spine-Chilling, Emotional, Nerve-Wrecking, Spell-Bounding, Action-Supreme.


Which Tells. 

"Mamta Ki Do Ankhon Ke Beech. 
Mamta Ko Tarasti Hui. 

(From the official press booklet)