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Thief Of Bagdad (1969)

  • LanguageHindi

It is a story of conflict between the forces of good and powers of light and powers of Darkness. The chief of army of Baghdad, Jabir was a cruel and trocious ruler Mahmood, a commoner, revolted against the ruling powers. A personal feud developed between Mahmood and Jabir. 

And it becomes more complicated because of the fact that both loved the same girl, the princess Rukhsana of Baghdad. Jabir, a believer in black magic was very ambitious. With the help of a witch, he became a wizard. He used his powers or his personal benefits. He threw the king and crown prince of Baghdad into jail and after arresting Mahmood sentenced him to be hanged.

Somehow Mahmood escaped the death, but now he knew that Jabir would not die at his hands and for that matter at nobodies hands. He went to kohe-kaff and with the help of "Rani”, succeeded in getting" Powers" to kill Jabir.

He had' promised Rani that after killing Jabir he would marry her; but he forgot his promise, as soon as he set his eyes again on Rukhsana. Rani was furious. Jabir threw oil on fire. Rani helpedabir, and Mahmood and his associates once again found themselves as prisioners of Jabir Mahmood was also deprived of his powers.

Jabir ordered that Mahmood and his associates should be killed. A day is set for killing. What will happen now? Would Mahmood be killed or he would destroy the power of darkness? Please wait for the answer and watch…

(From the official press booklet)