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Thokar (1939)

  • LanguageHindi

In every phase of our lives we are subjected to the Kicks of Fate. Sometimes we fee!" ourselves elevated to magnificent heights of Wealth, Power and Happiness and the next moment we are apt to be hurled down to the unfathomable depths of Poverty, Sorrow and Destruction. "THE KICK" has its own way-always.

MOHAN was blind. He lived in a village among people who respected him because he was virtuous and loved by children because he used to tell them tales. RADHA lived with him. SUNDER the spoilt son of RAMU the village grocer loved her but she did not like him, for-in the young hearts of both Radha and Mohan there had kindled up, very slowly, a Flame, the sacred Flame of love. Bu t they did not know it.   Simply they felt happier in each other's company.

A wedding party came to the village. Among the party was RAMESH. He had some Derby Sweepstake tickets with him. He sold them to the villagers. Mohan was also persuaded to buy one. He brought the ticket to Radha and told her what it was. Radha did not like the idea of becoming rich and hated the ticket. Why? She did not know.

Some months passed away merrily when one morning Ramesh rushed in the village with the news "that Mohan had won the first prize of the Derby Sweepstake. There was a great excitement and commotion and in no time Mohan's humble cottage was overflowing with chattering humanity. The excitement subdued gradually and Mohan prepared to leave for Bombay to collect the prize and told Radha that he would be back within four days.

He arrived in Bombay. Ramesh was still with him. The wealth was placed in the hands of Bankers.

Here Ramesh took off his mask. He and his friends began to rob the blind ma n of his wealth. Days went by, but Mohan did not return to his village where Radha was waiting for him.

KISHORE the bank manager tried to persuade Mohan to go back to his village and warned him of the creeping danger which was sure to ruin him.  But Mohan would not listen.

He had begun to love his dear friend Ramesh. He had full confidence in him.  On the other hand Ra mesh was conspiring with CHINTA, his mistress, to allure the blind man to his fast and final destruction. Their scheme worked out successfully. Mohan married Chinta with the result that his wealth began to change hands very swiftly.

One day Kishore saw Mohan privately and asked him whether he would like to SEE his beloved wife and his dearest friend Ramesh.

"SEE-" Mohan asked doubtfully-"What do you mean?'' "There is an Eye Specialist in the city who can surely give you your eye-sight," replied Kishore.

"You will see within two months" - pronounced the Doctor on the next day. And so the treatment began in entire secrecy. Ramesh and Chinta were purposely kept in dark about the operation.

In the village Radha still waited.

Two months passed. The operation was successful. Mohan could see. He hurried to his house. He was mad with excitement. He wanted to give a surprise to Chinta and Ramesh. He wished to cry out to them - "At last, I can see you." He reached his home and saw them. All merriment left his face and he stopped dead. He was stupefied with horror at what he saw. He turned upon his heels-ran back to the Doctor and implored him TO MAKE HIM BLIND ONCE MORE.

RADHA could wait no longer. She went to Bombay accompanied by Sunder in search of Mohan.

Mohan was a changed man. He was bent upon avenging himself. But there was still a stronger Hand than his which was ready to crush the malefactors in Its Almighty Grip ­ and surely enough Chinta and Ramesh were crushed in a strange and dramatic way.

What happened to all of them? Just see the appalling climax on the screen.

(From the official press booklet)