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Vachan (1955)

  • LanguageHindi

“For better or for worse, in sickness or in health till death do us part” this was the pledge Prem and Kamla swore-with the sky, the landscape and the pepul tree as the witnesses. And they could very well afford to take this pledge as apparently there was no hitch to their impending marriage.
But fate willed otherwise. Kamla’s elder brother Kumar who was going to be the mainstay of the family, consisting of the old retiring father Dina Nath, the vivacious Kamla and the younger brother Kishore, Meets with fatal accident the day he passes B. A. examination. Overwhelmed with this sudden catastrophe, Dina Nath bangs his head against the ground and loses his eyesight Kamla is appalled. How can she leave her blind old father in the lurch and herself get married to Prem. Prem assures Kamla that he will take as much care of her father and brother as of his mother, but Kamla does not want to burden him thus as also she rightly presumes that her mother-in-law will terribly resent them. So she tells prem that she will keep her pledge but after kishore comes of age that is six or seven years henceforth prem agrees but not so his mother goaded by the wily Muneem A tussle ensues. Prem’s mother threatens to commit suicide if Prem refuses to marry another girl of her choice. But prem holds on till one day the mother almost carries out her threat. Faced with no alternative prem has to break his pledge and give in. kamla though stunned, faces the situation bravely while Prem’s jealous wife forces him to leave the town to make their residence elsewhere. Kamla works day and night and brings up her younger brother Kishore with the care and devotion worthy of a mother Kishore grows up into a youngman and ex-Muneem of Prem gets his niece married to him and comes to live with them He is an opium addict and with no pocket money to procure opium he starts stealing household goods and tries to throw the blame on Kamla.
(From the official press booklet)



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