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Vidyapati (1937)

  • Release Date1937
  • GenreSaint Film
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time141 min (Bengali), 152 min (Hindi)

Vidyapati is a celebrated New Theatres production of the story of Mithila King Shiva Singha and his wife Queen Laxmi’s tragic love story and the influence of the poet Vidyapati on their destinies. Vidyapati, who is a childhood friend of the king, is invited to the court of the King for a spring festival. Upon arriving with his followers Madhusudan and Anuradha his poetry immediately enchants Queen Laxmi. This causes great suffering to the king who begins neglecting his royal duties.  But Anuradha convinces the King that true love is not about reciprocation. The prime minister of the king resents Vidyapati’s growing influence on the king and instead urges the King to go to war against Bengal. The Queen is also wracked with conflicting emotions, and is encouraged to commit suicide by the prime minister. Ultimately as Anuradha and Madhusudan perform, Queen Laxmi passes away at the feet of the statue of Lord Vishnu. The love between Shiva Singha and Laxmi convinces Vidyapati that human love and divine love can be one and the same.