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Vishnu Puran (1973)

  • LanguageHindi

MADHAVI, a Gandharva princess, marries Dharmaketu, the King of Kosal, in spite of the opposition of the Gandharva King Ambhoj, who is madly in love with Madhavi. Ambhoj in his anger tries to prove the inferiority of a mere human being like Dharmaketu. With his heavenly power, he destroys Dharmaketu's Kingdom and makes him blind. He thinks that Madhavi will leave her unhappy and helpless husband and will be forced to accept him. But Madhavi, a true Sati, prefers to share the lot of her husband and goes from place to place in search of someone who can cure her husband's blindness. In the en I, she comes to the great sage Satyavrata who advises her to listen to the VISHNU PURAN, for it alone can destroy the sins of their previous births and make them happy when Ambhoj comes to know about this, he creates many obstacles in Madhavi's hearing the VISHNU PURAN He separates her from her husband and makes the husband forget Madhavi Madhavi Struggles hard to find her husband and when in the end she does find him, he not only refuses to recognise her but also accuses her of being an immoral and characterless woman. Ambhoj is happy as he knows Madhavi has now come to the end of her resources.
What happens in the end? Is Madhavi able to listen to the VISHNU PURAN? Does she get back her husband? Is Ambhoj defecated? See the Stirring emotional climax in Stirring Picture's “VISHNU PURAN'

(From the official press booklet)