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Woh Jo Hasina (1983)

  • LanguageHindi

This is the story of a person named Radheyshyam who used to treat paralysis through massage only. There were two patients named Seth Ashok Maheshwari who was still under his treatment and another patient named Sethi Damodardas who already got recovered fully well through his hands, were expectants of getting a building contract of fifty lakhs. Seth Damodardas managed to murder Seth Ashok Maheshwari to get the contract of Rs. fifty lakhs and succeeded to get Radhey Shyam involved in this murder, innocent Radheyshyam manages to escape from the custody of the police but he losses his small daughter who is finally brought up by the gypsies and given name Hasina . She falls in love with one rich and very handsome young man Harish.        

Seth Damodardas who wants his daughter Honey to marry Harish once again tries to kill Hasina, suddenly he comes to know that Harish is the only son of Seth Ashok Maheshwari and Hasina is the daughter of Radheyshyam. Damodardas exposes Hasina before Harish's mother and succeeds to desert both the lovers.

What sacrifice Radheyshyam did for the happiness of his daughter Hasina? 

Was the real murderer traced out?

There is only one answer for all the questions that is Woh Jo Hasina.

(From the official press booklet)