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Yaar Gaddar (1994)

  • LanguageHindi

Who is a “GADDAR”? Not one who Is an enemy and who stabs you in the back, he is not a GADDAR because he is after all AN ENEMY, he is expected to betray you. GADDAR has to first be a person who one Trusts Loves, a person on whose word one would even give his life like a true friend like a lover-like a patriot. And when such a person betrays he is then, ONLY THEN is he a GADDAR he that once was a “YAAR”

“YAAR GADDAR” is the story of FIVE EVIL PERSONS Raghunath (Prem Chopra), Ex. General RaghuvirSingh (Gulshan Grover), Commander Mushtaq (PuneetIssar), Colonel Biswas (Amrit Pal), and a She-Devil Sheila who made a plan to carry out a daring robbery of Laxmi Bank-betraying the trust of their good friend Bank Chairman Khanna (U Shukla) it is also the story of inspector Shanker (Mithun Chakravarty) who fights the criminals and is ready always to sacrifice his life in the line of duty But who has faced betrayal from his beloved Shashi (Somy Ali) because she left him shattering his dreams of a happy married life and became a cabaret dancer in the night club owned by the evil villains.

It is also the story of Jai (Saif Ali) and Neeru (Sweta) the young romantic couple who got trapped in the Bank Robbery and became the prime suspects not only of the robbery but also for the subsequent murders of all the suspects. Thus Jai betrayed the trust of Insp. Shanker-who is his elder brother.

But did Jai really betray Shanker? If not then what was Jai doing in the club holding the dead body of Biswas? If not the why was he wiping his fingerprints from the murder weapon that killed Mushtaq? Was it to protect Shashi because all the murdered men were part of the group that destroyed the happiness in.

Shashi’slife. How was it that the men who had killed the Bank Chairman Khanna in the Bank Robbery begin to die themselves? If Raghunath was responsible for these killings along with Sheela who killed RAGHUNATH and WHY? A spell-binding array of twists and turns an unusual story “Yaar Gaddar”  when love betrays.

(From the official press booklet)


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