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Ye Dil Kisko Doon (1963)

  • LanguageHindi

Anand was born richest in riches but poorest in love and kindness. He was hungry for not only love but for any act of kindness. He sees the World highly mercenary. To seek what he wanted - he broke all the bondages of family and friends. 

Tramping across he meets Raja and Champa two love birds broke of pockets but wealthiest of heart. Touched by the simplicity of their love Anand reveals the burning agony of his heart and speaks out that he would give away "A-LAC-OF-RUPEES" to anyone in return of a kind deed done to him. Leaving Raja he moves away disguised as a tramp in search of unadulterated love. 

Raja runs amuck in the morning when he discovers that Anand was a real millionaire 'and a phoney "A - TRAMP - MILLIONAIRE-AT LARGE-TO-GIVE-AWAY-A-LAC" became the talk of the town, news of the news resulting in the confusion the city and never witnessed. 

Anand on loose meets Sherry a pretty and bewitching carnival girl full of inspiringly sincere love in her heart of hearts. Two loving hearts start blooming in the carnival arena. Thorns in the path of their budding love came in the form of Master Hunter owner of the carnival resulting in the separation of loving hearts. 

On the other side Raja was reaping the harvest of fun and frolics at the cost of the Lac Rupee crazy town folk. Span of fun and frolics was cut short by the destiny and Raja found himself in pocice custody under the charge of Seth Anandlal's murder.
Sherry once again comes to the rescue of dejected and forlorn Anand who had lost all his faith in human love, clearing all the misunderstandings created by Master Hunter. Love reconciles in the melting of two hearts in one. 

It's a real fun to watch Raja getting out of the self-woven web of troubles and what happens to the "LAC-RUPEE - announcement!

(From the official press booklet)