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Zahreelay (1990)

  • LanguageHindi

"ZAHREELAY'' highlights the venom of crime which threatens every section of society and the courage of ordinary people, which is its only antidote.

Capt. Jaswant Kumar (Jeetendra) is a soldier who loses an arm during an army operation. Decorated for his gallantly, he retires from the army and settles down in a small enclave of Bombay known as Shantinagar. He opens a garage here with the help of a taxi driver, Raju (Chunky Panday) and a journalist Razdan (Shafi lnamdar). Shortly however, Jaswant comes face to face with the crime wave that engulfs Bombay and dominates Shantinagar. Jaswant resists and drives them way. To his consternation, his neighbours and friends castigate him for the action, complaining that his so-called heroism will only succeed in bringing ruin upon Shantinagar. Jaswant accuses them of cowardice and refuses to acquiesce to this terrorism. The gang known ironically as Raksha Mandal whose shadowy head is a man called Taneja (Kiran Kumar) attacks in force under the leadership of Peter (Sharat Saxena). Jaswant resists heroically, but he is overwhelmed as no one dares to assist him. However, Jaswant's valour inspires a few people, among them Raju, his sister Seema (Bhanupriya), Razdan and Chumky (Juhi Chawla) a girl who loves Raju. Together they form the nucleus of a resistance force and create enormous problems for the Raksha Mandal. When news of this resistance reaches the higher echelons of the gang, Taneja orders his assistant Jaichand (Sudhir) to pit the most vicious hoodlum, Raka (Sanjay Dutt) against Jaswant and his followers.

The battle that ensues between Raka and the Shantinagar force causes havoc and destruction and permanently alters the lives of not only Jaswant and his followers but also of Raka and the girl he loves, Shabnam (Vinita).

This titanic struggle between good and evil and its inspiring culmination forms the basis of the film "ZAHREELAY''.

(From the official press booklet)