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Zanjeer (1947)

  • LanguageHindi

In this age of Revolutionaries, Asha lived with her elder brother Thakur Kishan Singh, a stern and stiff multimillionaire mill owner. With them lived Kanwal, .the brother of a deceased friend of Thakur Kishan Sing.

Both Asha and Kanwal had very progressive views on life and Kanwal was Editor of "Daily Desh" a paper owned by Thakur.

Kanwal's constant efforts to eliminate the sufferings of the poor had won over Asha unconditionally for him. She regarded him as true son of soil who one day, must drag down the Monster of Capitalism which has for decades dealt misery and poverty among the poor. 

As luck would have it, present day awakeing in every-phase of life stirred Kanwal to write against the sexy Dances and immoral Songs of a drama staged by Chowdhry Theatrical Co., the proprietor of which was Mr. Chowdhry, a friend of Thakur Kishan Singh. He resented Kanwal review of his drama and so did Thakur.

In the wake of it followed unprecedented labour crisis. Mill—workers announced strikes. Processions were formed and lead through streets, All Millowners recognized the legetimate demands of the labour but Thakur Kishan Singh would not budge an inch. His Mill remained closed and to add fuel to the fire dismissal notices were served on the strikers. Kanwal felt scourged. He resolved it fuas inconsistent with the laws of humanity that the poor should die unheard. He weilded his mighty wen against Capitalism. Articles fleshed. Thakur fumed. His very own paper writing against Capitalism. He ordered Kanwal never to darken his doors again. The idol of the poor, Kanwal, himself was now without hearth and home. Asha was perturbed. Her faith in Kanwal had developed into love. She pleaded with her brother but all in vain. Thakur was disappointed in Asha, Kanwal and his business alike. He aspired for relaxation which he found in Rumbha, the sparkling and youthful heroine of the Chowdhry Theatrical Co. The adamant Thakur, seemed to be drifted away helplessly by the selfcreated whirlwind. He had never known that love path is strewn with thorns. Little did he know that labour was backbone of Industry.

Rest of the affairs are better to he enjoyed through the medium of Silver Screen.                

(From the official press booklet)