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A group of film technicians coming together in 1946, Agradoot represent an important moment in collective filmmaking. The initial group consisted of cinematographer Bibhuti Laha, sound recordist Jatin Datta, laboratory technician Sailen Ghoshal, scenarist Nitai Bhattacharya, and producer Bimal Ghosh. Beginning with Swapna O Sadhana (1947), theie films enjoyed considerable success in the 50s. Agni Pareekhsa (1954) starring Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Senwas a big hit and was later remade in Hindi as Chhotisi Mulaqat (1967). Other notable successes were Pathe Holo Deri (1957), Lalu Bhulu(1959) and Khoka Babur Pratyabartan (1960). Saroj De, Salil Dutta and Aravinda Mukherjee were also part of the group at points. The key member was Bibhuti Laha who continued to direct films under the Agradoot name after the other members had left. Other notable films were Anupama(1955), Trijama (1956), Surya Toran (1958),Badshah (1963), Nayika Sangbad (1967), Chiradiner (1969), Manjari Opera (1970), Shonar Khancha (1973) and Sedin Du Joney (1974).