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  • Real Name: Saroj Dey, Nishith Mukhopadhyay, Bimal Bhowmick
  • Primary Cinema: Bengali

When former assistant directors at Agradoot, Saroj Dey, Nishith Mukhopadhyay and Bimal Bhowmick left to form their own group, the collective Agragami was born. Their first film as a group was the Uttam Kumar-Suchitra Sen superhit Sagarika (1956), based on Nitai Bhattacharya's story. The film featured some memorable classics composed by Robin Chatterjee. Their next film Shilpi (1956) was also a box office success. They followed these two successes with some acclaimed classics like Dak Harkara (1958), Head Master (1959), and Nishithe (1963). Both Dak Harkara and Nishithe were awarded with the Certificate of Merit, while Head Master featured an endearing performance from Chhabi Biswas. Their successful collaborations with Uttam Kumar continued with Sankha Bela (1966) and Bilombita Loy (1970). Their last film together was Swati (1977).