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Rajendra Talak

  • Born: 16 November, 1967 (Goa)
  • Primary Cinema: Konkani

Rajendra Talak has earned fame in the production and direction of Konkani films. He completed his graduation in Science but simultaneously nursed a love for theatre. An active member of Mahesh Kumar and Party, he participated in many dramas and has been awarded several prizes. With his experience in dramatics, he found his love for films. He produced his first telefilm titled Shitu(1994), which was based on the story of G. N Dandekar. It received many awards at the first Goan Film Festival. 

He then ventured into Konkani cinema, with a film titled Aleesha (2004) which he produced as well as directed. This film’s story is based on the pollution of mines. Aleesha brought in awards for Best Film and Best Direction at the national level and at the state level as well in the year 2005.

In the year 2006, Talak produced another film, Antarnad (2006) which is based on the present generation’s desire for instant fame. The story revolves around the individuality of mother and daughter, as it details the relation between the teacher and the disciple. This film earned him five National awards including for Best Film and Best Direction. This film has also been produced in Marathi and is titled Savalee(2007) which has won two National awards again for Best Film and Direction. Similarly, it has won awards from the Maharashtra government and Zee Awards.

Talak went on to produce another Konkani film titled Saawariya.Com (2008)which is based on internet marriages. It tells the tale of Pritam, a young woman, who meets Pankaj on a matrimonial website and their families decide to get them married. However, she finds herself in a dilemma when she develops a close bond with her friend Jayesh.

The Konkani film O Maria(2010) produced by Rajendra Talak celebrated its silver jubilee. This film’s story revolves around the preservation of property. Maria is a single woman of forty plus years, living alone with her mother, running a quiet business of putting up tourists in her house by the sea, and a small restaurant. She has the good fortune of owning a plot of land and a house in a prime spot by the sea which is eyed by developers. The subject of the sale of land in Goa and the outsider/insider issue has been plaguing the state for sometime and O Maria centres around the same subject.

Talak has been Vice President of the Entertainment Society of Goa which conducts the IFFI programmes in Goa. He is also the founder member of Kalangana Centre for Performing Arts. He commenced the Clean Margao, Green Margao campaign in the year 2015.

He has produced another Konkani film titled Miranda House(2019) in Konkani and Marathi languages in which the main parts are enacted by Milind Gunaji and Pallavi Subhash. He has also produced a Marathi film entitled A Rainy Day(2014).

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