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Antarnad (2006)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageKonkani
  • Length2869.22 meters
  • Number of Reels12
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberCIL/1/168/2006
  • Certificate Date09/11/2006

Antarnad revolves around the conflict between a mother and daughter who cannot come to terms with each other’s beliefs. Their clash bleeds over to their other relationships as well, and affects all of whom they interact with.

Rama Shirodkar is a classical musician and a strict disciplinarian. Her daughter Sanika is also a gifted singer blessed with a mellifluous voice. Rama expects Sanika to abide by the tenets of classical music and preserve its pristine tradition. Sanika, however, feels the urge to break away from her mother’s influence and establish her own identity. She branches into new forms of music, including remixes and fusion.

Sanika meets a young man named Vicky, who is also trying to carve a niche for himself. She strongly identifies with him and he gives her the confidence to chase her dreams. Despite reaching the heights of success, however, Sanika feels a void within herself. After some introspection, Sanika decides to go back to her roots in order to achieve lasting fulfillment.

The film has also a Marathi version which is entitled Savlee. Antarnad is dedicated to Niz Goenkar poet and litterateur Dr. Manoharrao Sardesai who has also penned some of the lyrics of the film.