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Vanmala (1941)

  • Release Date1941
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

What is in the mind of young Indian males and females of today? How do they look on morals? What are their conceptions of marriage? Do they hold virtues as seriously as is portrayed in Indian Epics? How do they look at each other? Have they confidence between themselves, are they admiring or are they too critical of each other? That is the problem of the story of “Vanmala”. 
Sudhir, a young man, well-educated and healthy got news that a job was provided for him in the city by his uncle. He left his mother and the small village full of hope and joy. It was a red letter day for him in many ways. 
In Bombay, he came in touch with a young woman of rare beauty and great accomplishments. She was Vanmala, the well-known actress of the town. He tried to meet her at the theatre but he could not succeed. Then he sought the help of her companion Madhubala and they met each other in a garden. The love at first sight found yet another pair of victims and of these two, Vanmala showed greater weakness in losing herself for him. 
The proprietor of the studio where Vanmala and her companion worked did not appreciate the attentions of any young man who tried to take any liberty with his Studio girls. So Sudhir was turned out and Vanmala was warned. 
Fate had her its part to play at this juncture. Sudhir was asked from the office to proceed immediately to Singapore. He tried to meet Vanmala but he could only send her a brief message. They could not meet. Vanmala left the studio almost heart broken but in her days of misery her companion kept along with her. They both took up a flat in the town and stayed there. Several offers came pouring but she had no heart for work. 
Sudhir wrote to her to proceed to his village home and stay with her mother. Vanmala lost no time in going there and very soon became favourite person of the place. Sudhir’s mother loved her and the young maidens of the village caught the spirit of her music and dancing. Very soon the village looked different. This was not understood in the right spirit by the villagers and began to shower abuse on Vanmala. She had to leave, therefore this village home and come back to stay with her companion. 
The tragedy of errors thickened. Sudhir, sick with separation from his beloved longed to come back to meet her. He was granted leave and he came running to the old abode of Vanmala only to find it closed. Where had she gone?
That clue was given by his cousin Nirmalbaboo. Being himself infatuated by the beauty of Vanmala, he contrived to poison Sudhir’s ears. Then he handled Vanmala similarly. Both lovers unknowingly became detached from each other till an accident to Sudhir revealed the facts. 
Here was Vanmala pale and pining, as Sudhir had taken away his eyes from her. Instead, she had somehow come in the cruel grasp of Nirmalbaboo. Here the emotional drama takes speed and shape and a bold conclusion is drawn out. You may think about it but we recommend you to see it on the screen, because you cannot afford to miss it. 

[from the official press booklet]



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