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Anokha Milan (1972)

  • Release Date07/07/1972
  • GenreSocial
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time132 min
  • Length3610.98 meters
  • Number of Reels14
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-70195-MUM
  • Certificate Date26/06/1972

Tara lives in a small town with her family. Her older brother lives in Calcutta. She is friendly with Ghanashyam (Ghana) who works for them and often spends time with him. This idyllic life is interrupted when her brother comes home with a friend Bijesh. Bijesh is attracted to Tara and when she doesn’t reciprocate he molests her. While he is asked to leave, the news about the incident spreads. This makes her parents decide to get her married immediately. But no one is willing to marry her. During Puja ceremonies, cruel rumours about Tara are spread by people. Ghana gets into a fight with a man about this and the man is killed during the altercation. When Ghana is arrested, Sen pleads with the police inspector Badal Gupta who agrees to let him go on one condition – Tara has to marry him. Tara’s trials do not end here. Gupta is a known alcoholic and womaniser and continues in his ways after the marriage. He also does not fulfil his promise to Tara about freeing Ghana. One day they get into an argument, which results in Tara fatally injuring him. Even though Gupta refuses to press charges against Tara, she is imprisoned when he succumbs to his injuries. At this juncture, Tara finds out that Ghana is serving his sentence in the Andamans, and wishing to meet him, Tara requests for a transfer there. But when she reaches Andamans the warden tells her that she will be allowed to remain on the island on only one condition – she has to marry Ghana. The warden reasons this gives both her and Ghana a chance to start a new life, freed of their past. While Tara is willing to do so, Ghana is too conscious of their difference in class and refuses. One night Tara goes missing from her cell and after an extensive search, a distraught and repentant Ghana accepts that she is dead. But upon returning to his cottage he finds Tara there, where they are finally united.



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