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Anyay Abichar (1985)

  • FormatColour
  • LanguageBengali
  • Run Time143 mins
  • Length4173.49 meters
  • Number of Reels15
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number4754
  • Certificate Date01/10/1985
  • Shooting LocationFilm City, Nataraj Studio

The film revolves around a fisherman called Ghanashyam and his struggle against the evil trader and moneylender Mahesh Manna. Ghanashyam sells his catch to Mahesh even though Mahesh pays him much below the market price. Mahesh had lent Ghanashyam a hefty sum for buying his fishing boat for which Ghanashyam pays him in monthly instalments. Mahesh's men carry out illegal activities like looting passengers on boats. They attack Basheer Miyan's boat and forcibly take his married daughter's bridal box full of jewellery. Ghanashyam and his fellow boatmen chase the pirates' boat to recover the box. However, their attempt is foiled by the heavily armed pirates who fire at Ghanashyam's boat. The pirates led by Golmes hide the cache fearing recognition. The local inspector is bribed by Mahesh to keep it under wraps. Mahesh also lays his lustful eyes on Ghanashyam's love interest Kadam. One day, Ghanashyam finds out that Mahesh has been cheating him for years. He sells his catch of fish to Basheer Miyan instead who pays him much more than Mahesh. To exact revenge, Mahesh has Ghanashyam's boat seized by the police only to be returned on the condition that Ghanashyam clears his entire debt in seven days. One night Ghanashyam is able to secure the pirates' hidden cache by fighting them off and returns it to Basheer Miyan. He comes to know of Ghanashyam's troubles and agrees to help him. Ghanashyam is able to save his boat and pays off his entire debt. Mahesh gets his goons to seize the crop of Ghanashyam's father who dies after being attacked violently by them. To save himself from the law, he buys off the inspector again. He even tries to rape Kadam one night when her parents are away. Ghanashyam arrives in the knick of time to save the day but he is falsely implicated by Mahesh and the inspector. Mahesh kidnaps Kadam's parents to blackmail her into giving a false statement against Ghanashyam to the police. Ghanashyam is sentenced to be jailed under such circumstances. However, he escapes on his way to jail. He meets Kadam and comes to know of parents' abduction. He vows to find them. Meanwhile, Mahesh kidnaps Kadam and tries to rape her in front of her parents at his hideout. Once again Ghanashyam arrives in time to save Kadam. In the ensuing fight with Mahesh's goons, Ghanashyam falls into a pond of crocodiles. He is able to kill one and escape from the pond. He overpowers the goons and has Mahesh on the edge of the same pond when the Superintendent of Police arrives with the force and requests Ghanashyam not to take the law in his hands. Ghanashyam is assured that both Mahesh and the inspector would be punished. Ghanashyam agrees to let Mahesh. But the other crocodile grabs Mahesh and drags him into the water. The film ends with Ghanashyam and Kadam being united once again.

The film was a co-production between India and Bangladesh.