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Azadi Ke Baad (1951)

  • Release Date1951
  • GenreSocial, Drama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Censor RatingU

After a successful freedom fight, Indian's have witnessed more bitter experience of seperation. Thousands of people were homeless and penniless wandering here and there. All this was miserable & ruinous. Mathurdas, a self-made Industrialist of kind heart could not see people getting grieved. He thought to solve this problem of unemployment, that to be of some help, he gave away all his riches for the good of the poor refugees. 

Meanwhile, Prakash, an England returned young man, meant freedom to be the source of extra enjoyments and pleaded blind patronizing of western ways. Mathuras was in trouble thinking all day and night for the upliftment of the poor. He thus developed the disease of blood-pressure. Asha, his daughter and Sharma, his dear friend, strictly advised him to leave all this at least for the sake of his health; but he did not deter in his decision. He had the good of the poor heart. He planned to revolutionize the industry to make the motherland richer. Asha and Sharma pressed him much to put an end to all his activities and argued not to visit the factory atleast in case he was not prepared to sell it. He agreed at last, but with one exception that he may be allowed to visit the factory and greet his dear workers once more before he left them.

He gave away the factory to the state in favour of the distressed ones and thus set the proud example of Nationalization of industries for the benefit of the poor and exploited. In the meanwhile, he happened to meet Nirmal, a qualified engineer and a man of idealism. Nirmal showed Mathuradas his scheme of development in National industry and he is liked very much. At last, he found what he was in quest of and privately helped him to push on. But nature is very peculiar, unforeseen tragedies followed and left Nirmal a miserable heap. By the help of Mathuradas, Nirmal was dreaming a happy world. But an accident frustrated all his sweet dreams and his dear Asha too. There was a tug-of­ war between love and idealism of Asha and Nirmal.