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Baaz (1992)

  • Release Date1992
  • GenreAction, Mystery, Thriller
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi

A  C.B.I. officer, makes one diary of Mafia Gang people, in which Police officers and Highly posted people are also involved. One man form the said Mafia gang named Somnath comes to know about it, grobs the diary and he murdered the C.B.I. officer.

Deva is very simple and jolly young fellow who belongs to a medicore family and has a mother, sister and a girl friendAsha. Being fond of photography one day Deva clicks some Photographs of a beautiful girl named Monica. Monica is a helpless girl is working for the same Mafia gang. One day she gets Somnath drank and gets that diary.

Even after warning of the Gang's Boss, when Monica models for Deva, then the Boss threatens her of her life. Then Monica tells the Boss tells the Boss that she has the Diary & she will reach it to the Police and authorities will destroy everybody, then Somnath murders Monica, but never gets the diary from Monica.

The Gang that Monica must have handled the Diary to Deva and then they start troubling him for the Diary and in this process Mother & Sister become their victims and then the ordinary photographer Deva catches all the culprits of Mafia Gang like and Eagle one by one and take his revenge.



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