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Bhagyawan (1993)

  • LanguageHindi

This is the story of an orphan child Amar who, when meets Dhanraj, changes his (Dhanraj's) luck. Dhanraj, from a poor man turns to be a man of status in the society. Amar grows, as Police Inspector and is in love with Geeta. Geeta is a street girl, appears in various costumes, plays tricks with public and does comedy punches with brother partner JonyBhai.
Unfortunately, Amar is forced to leave Dhanraj's house when Dhanraj's misfortune follows. His older son Vishwas become business partner of Dhanraj's enemy Hira, and his younger son Kishan runs away with Hira's daughter Radha. Due to these set backs of life, Dhanraj's wife Savitri dies. Hira, alongwith Vishwas, wants to take revenge with Dhanraj. But, Inspector Amar make their plans failure and proves "Bhagyawan" for the family.



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