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Bagavat (1971)

  • Release Date1971
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3982.81 metres
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor Certificate Number65895
  • Certificate Date21/05/1971
  • Shooting LocationVauhini & Arunachalam

Prince Jayant, the only son of late King Mahendra, was the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Nagarkot.

But Pratap, the orphan elder cousin brother of Prince Jayant had his own nefarious scheme to deprive Jayant of the throne.

Princess Lalita, the devoted wife of Prince Jayant, was always happy in the happiness of her husband.

Pratap made Jayant a slave to wine and women. Even this could not deter the Prime Minister and Jayant's mother queen Hemavati from fixing a day and Muhurut for the Coronation of Jayant as King. Pratap had to play another trick. To spread venom and hatred against Jayant among the public and to create a favourable atmosphere for himself through his men, Pratap, by hoodwinking Jayant, got the Government Sel on an order by which new and strange taxes were levied on the public.

Raja, a rugged villager, bravely opposed these taxes. To convey the resentment of the people, Raja his beloved Radha and her brother Chandrabhanu, all in disguise started for the Nagarkot to meet Prince Jayant. Enroute Raja was challenged by Pratap and hin the fight that ensured all the three were separated.

Raja looked so identical to Prince Jayant that he had no difficulty in gaining entry into the palace and after meeting Jayant he found Jayant was innocent.

One day earlier to the coronation, Pratap got poison administered to Jayant through Jayant's personal servant  Sukhiya. Pratap was confident of becoming the King.

On one side Raj Vaidya was trying to save the life of Jayant and on the other side the Prime Minister was able to make Raja agree to act as Jayant. Was Raja able to stand victoriously all the wicked games of Pratap? Was raja able to make believe the eyes of Jayant's wife and his mother? Could Raja and Radha unite again?

All this will be answered by the Silver Screen.