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Be Qasoor (1950)

  • Release Date1950
  • GenreFamily, Drama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time124 mins
  • Length3346 metres
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Shooting LocationMadhukar Pictures Studio

Ghanshyam had a malicious nature. He kept grudges against people even there was no ground for it. He hated his brother Brij because seeing his aptitude his-father was allowing him to proceed with his advance studies. This Ghanshyam thought was unfair to him, also that it was at his cost because he was the man who was helping father in running the shop.

This father who was now suffering from a long illness did not survive it. He died and this made Ghanshyam the master of the house. He turned both Brij and his mother out of the house to enjoy the fortune left by father alone with his wife, who was no less a vicious character and-perhaps more.

Brij went with his mother to stay at the house of Radha, his widowed sister. He was now desperately in need of a job.

The search brought him to Bombay. It was on his way that he met Usha. In the train Usha was  a fugitive from her house abandoning it to lead a respectable life which was in grave danger at the hands of her brother who wanted her to turn into a professional dancer. Abhoring this idea Usha had left home. She met Brij. Knowing her story it was natural for Brij to sympathise with her but he had no way to substantially help her. But circumstances brought them together. Brij got the job and he married Usha.

Now he was a married man and a sub-inspector of police. They started a happy life with the mother’s constant blessings. His efficiency, honesty and integrity won for Brij the regard he deserved. He was made a Inspector of police.

But the prosperity of Brij was a thorn in Ghanshyam’s side. His malice became still more aggravated when his own shop assistant was convicted for black-marketing and that too by Brij.

He decided to lay a snare. An old woman was sent to Usha with a tale of woe and she managed to leave a pearl necklace with her. Brij never knew that Usha had kept-such a thing and before Usha could tell him the police-came in & arrested Brij on charge of bribery.

Brij was sent to jail. The brother’s malice against his younger brother was satisfied but this did not end the episode and what happened to Usha after her only support her husband, was sent to jail. What fate befall the mother and how a seed of sanguinary malice brought two lives to disaster.


(From the official press booklet)