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Begaana (1963)

  • LanguageHindi

Life was all summer and sunshine for Seema. Her husband Prakash bestowed with unstinted love on her. The hearth and home breathed the spirit of love and faith.

But a cloud appeared on the horizon - to upset the sublime serenity of the home. He was Deepak a college mate of Seema and a basom friend of Prakash. His presence become a menace of no minor magnitude.

Kishan- an innocent kid was ekeing out a miserable life a servant of the neighbours. Seema was drawn towards him-she felt for him. But she could not nothing to get him out of the hell he was in - even when she found out that he was of her own flesh and blood - a fruit of love that destiny denied her.

Deepak thought Seema treacherous - for forsaking him for prosperous looking Prakash.

Seema wanted to make a clean breast of her past to Prakash but his innocent love and blind faith always sealed her lips.

Seema was caught in a four pronged drive - whom to choose - the kid Kishan, husband Prakash, lover Deepak or poor herself.

How these problems were solved - the Silver Screen shall show you.