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Dal: The Gang (2001)

  • Release Date2001
  • GenreAction
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time180 mins
  • Length4171.87
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingA
  • Censor Certificate NumberCIL/3/111/2000
  • Certificate Date08/11/2000
  • Shooting LocationFilm City, Kamalistan, Filmistan, Chandivali, MBC, SNDT College, Chiranjeev Bungalow, Nirmal Bungalow, Convent Villa

"Dal" is story of five highly educated but unemployed youth of a middle class Basti. They were from different cast and community but their friendship was known as friendship of Panja the Great or Five Pandavas.

They were jobless but yet they were happy till the day when Kumar Daruwalla, son of the defamed dangerous Don of Mumbai Gajraj Daruwalla, attacked the Basti with dirty motive to kidnap the hotel dancer beauty Jyoti. It was not in their nature to be silent watchers, hence they jumped in and gave them fittest reply.

Jyoti was saved but Kumar Daruwalla was badly injured and this became the bone of contention and challenging chapter for Gajraj Daruwalla. However, he controlled his anger due to forthcoming election and wanted to make them his followers but five had smelled the political motive behind the offer and they counter the political motive behind the offer and they counter attacked Daruwalla for his misdeeds.

Daruwalla roared up like a hungry lion and from this juncture he started his all dirty tricks to trap them. Unfortunately ailing and dying mother and other very serious problems compelled them to accept the offer of one unknown man "09" who asked them to break the Top Secret Bank Locker and bring one Top Secret Cassette of the Locker to him against Three Crores.

There was no alternative. They committed the crime without knowing what the cassette is all about. It was revealed when they were caught red handed and High Court declared them as "Anti-National, Anti Social and Killers of Five Guards of Banks". They were punished and convicted for hang till death.

Just when they were waiting for their death sentence, they met one dangerously defamed criminal in same jail - Bakhtawar Singh, who listened their pathetic story and became their guide and god father to take revenge from real culprits.

Bakhtawar very surprisingly helped them escape from the jail alongwith him and helped everywhere to kill their enemies and recover that Top Secret Cassette.

Suddenly they were shocked and surprised to know the real identity of Bakhtawar. But Bakhtawar convinced them that he is not their enemy.

Being badly disappointed Daruwalla killed mother and Banarasi and kidnapped two girls Rita and Jyoti and ran away to Pakistani ISI Chief Deathson.

But this time fortune was in five's favour and they not only killed and destroyed Daruwalla and Deathson and their Den but washed away the "Anti-National" bad remarks from their head.

(From the official press booklest)



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