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Duniyaa Jhukti Hai (1996)

  • Release Date1996
  • GenreDrama, Action
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time151 mins
  • Length4167.84 metres
  • Number of Reels17
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingA
  • Censor Certificate Number2881
  • Certificate Date22/11/1994
  • Shooting LocationFilm City, Essel Studios, Kamalistan, Chandivali, Filmistan

The world can be bowed with certain principles, love of by force. With principles of honesty one can conquer evil of dishonesty, with love one can conquer hatred and by force of truth one can overpower criminals. In this film Duniyaa Jhukti Hai, we have adopted all the three methods in a very entertaining manner.

Police Inspector Deshmukh (Rajendra Gupta) with principles of law gets arrested criminal Ranejeet (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) and his gang and wants to bring them in court of law.

Akash (Ashif Shaikh) son of Deshmukh, wants to conquer his world by love. Akash is an American returned Doctor, ad wants to win over the patients by love and make them well. In the same way he is in search of his life partner and ultimately gets one poor girl Ganga (Rohini South). Orphan Ganga is not been loved by anybody till now, that is why she adopts children out casted by the society, to make society realise, she has kept their names as Footpath, Nali and Kachra.

On the other hand criminal Ranjeet has two faces like Doctor Jackle and Mr. Hide. One is a Judge and has a name in the society; the other part of him is a cruel smuggler of human body parts. One of his gang members was arrested by Inspector Deshmukh but was released by Judge from the court.

In the court of Judge Ranjeet there are two lawyers, one is Ram Sheshadri (Anupam Khar) who always tries to prosecute criminals and other lawyer his duplicate, Shyam Bijlani (Anupam Kher in double role) who always tries to protect the criminals form being punished.

In the court Ram Sheshadri and Shyam Bijlani fight less for cases, but more among themselves as both are neighbours. Ram Sheshadri was in love with Minakshi. But she got married to Shyam Bijlani. Shyam Bijlani was in love with Sangeeta but she got married to Ram Sheshadri. Ram Sheshadri is a bald. But his son has full grown up hair whereas Shyam Bijlani has hair, but his son is bald. That is why both of them are of the opinion that their children does not belong to them. But to the neighbours.....that is the reason Ram and Shyam are always fighting among themselves.

Police Inspector tries very hard to trace the gang of Kidney Smugglers and suddenly one day he finds that Footpath, adopted son of Ganga has been the victim of Kidney Smuggler gang. His kidney was removed and that is why he died. For this Inspector Deshmukh catches Ranjeet's gang red handed.

When Ranjeet comes to know about the arrest of his gang he kills Inspector Deshmukh. While killing Inspector Deshmukh the other orphan child Kachra becomes the eye witness of the whole episode.

Ranjeet orders his men to find and kill Kachra. In the meantime he plans the whole sequence in such a way that Doctor Akash gets arrested for the murder of his father Inspector Deshmukh and in the court of law judge Ranjeet awards him the penalty of death.

For Innocent Akash, it becomes a problem to find out the real killer or his father and prove himself innocent. Akash runs away from the Court. Akash who wanted to conquer the whole world with love, becomes the killer himself and starts taking revenge of his father's death.

On the other hand Kachara is on the run to save himself form Ranjeet's Gang. IN search of Kachara Ganga loses Akash also, and Akash is searching the fellow who has murdered his father, lawyer Ram Sheshadri is searching Akash so as to get him released, but Judge Ranjeet is after Akash and Kachara so as to kill them and save himself.

Now the story reaches the thrilling point where...?

Please watch it on the screen.

(From the official press booklet)



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