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Maar Dhaad (1988)

  • Release Date4/11/1988
  • GenreAction
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time130 mins
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingA
  • Shooting LocationFilmistan Studio, Esel, Film City, Natraj Studio, Chandivali, Kamalistan Studio

Anita is the daughter of millionaire Mr. Bhateja. Babulal a noted goonda has evil designs on her. He rapes and photographs her in compromising poses, with the thought of black mailing her father so as to put his evil hands on the millions that Bhateja has. But his plan of making easy money fails because Anita unable to bear the shame commits suicide.

So Babulal cooks up a new plan. He kills Dr. Dcruz Bhateja's family doctor Dr. who is an exact look alike of him. After killing him Babulal takes his place as the family Dr.   One day he brings along a girl Sheeba who is actually a dancer in one of the local bars and also his mistress, & gets Sheeba & Bhatija married off. Later, he kills Bhateja and makes it look like an accident. But a few days later he realises that Bhateja has actually made a will giving all his wealth to his daughter Nita. So Babulal's devilish mind hatches a new plan. He tries to contact the city's most well known thief Shankar. But Shankar has been arrested for the murder of his one time accomplice Jojo who had cheated him of his share of the 15 lakh robbery that they committed together. Babulal fools the police, lawyers and judge and gets him released.

Now these two start masterminding a new plan Shankar entices Nita into his love game and marries her. Late he tries to kill her in many ways but is unsuccessful. Here Nita is head over heels in love with Shankar and not knowing what her fate is going to be, she prays and fasts for a long life for her husband and transfers her entire wealth to Shankar.

These actions makes Shankar realise his folly and he decides to become a good man and fight the forces of evil by Babulal. Who won? Wo gets the wealth? What happens to Sheeba? Who survives? You will find all the answers in "Maar Dhaad".

(From the official press booklets)



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