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Fashion (1957)

  • Release Date1957
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time168 mins
  • Shooting LocationTechnicians United Ranjit Studios

Kishore, a rich young man of Agra was happily married to Shanta, a beatiful and simple woman and was also the proud father of a little daughter Kamla. The only thing, Kishore, disliked in his wife was that she was a little old fashioned. 

Kedar, who feigned friendship to Kishore had an evil eye on Kishore's beautiful wife and in order to fulfil his evil designs, introduced Kishore to wine and spurious woman. Kishore fell an easy pray to Manorama, a theatre actress in Delhi.

One night Shanta was obliged to go to Kedar's house in search of her drunkard husband. Kedar tried to molest her but she saved her modesty by displaying rare courage. Kedar invented a false story against Shanta and believing him, Kishore turned Shanta out of his house and didn't allow her to take little Kamla along.

Shanta knew that the only person responsible for the ruin of her married life was Kedar and she had her vendetta on him by killing him. She surrendered herself to the police and was awarded ten years R. I. 

Kishore brought Manorama to Agra to live with him and told Kamla that her mother was dead. Little Kamla who now lived in the company of Manorama started to ape her mannerisms. By the time Manorama left Kishore, Kamla had turned a complete replica of her. Kishore realised very late that Shanta was neither infidle nor unfaithful to him. He waited for her release from the jail. When she returned, he couldn't introduce her to Kamla as her mother. Shanta couldn't reform Kamla who was totally a spoilt child. She was a problem for the father and mother. 

Did Kamla accept Shanta as her mother? Did Kishore and Shanta start life afresh as husband and wife, shall remain anybody's guess, unless you see the story yourself on the silver screen.

[from the official press booklet]



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