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Holiday In Bombay (1941)

  • Release Date1941
  • GenreSocial
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

Sudha is a sophisticated girl, intelligent, accomplished and beautiful, but headstrong in nature and fire-brand in demeanour, As on everything else, Sudha has her own views on matrimony, She would marry someone of her own choice, and that too only when she finds it absolutely necessary, Such is Sudha, invincible and incorrigible.

So, how to get her married? That is her parents' problem. Veena is a friend of the family. She sympathizes with the parents and decides to help them. She plans to take Sudha to Bombay with a view to find a good match for her. A Holiday in Bombay is the bait. 

So. they arrive in Bombay — Sudha, Veena and Shantilal, Veena's husband. They start seeing places. Jayant, a young motor car dealer is a friend of Shantilal. He sees his friend and his wife in Bombay and expects to sell them a car.

In the meantime, Veena falls ill. Dr. Vinod is called, By mistake he enters Sudha's room, and there is a row. Atter apologies Sudha takes kindly to Dr. Vinod. Veena feels that Dr. Vino would make a good match for Sudha, Knowing Sudha's nature of opposing anything and everything, she starts telling all bad things about Vinod. Sudha takes exception and argues that Vinod is good. Veena feels she has won the game and boasts of her success to her husband.

Unfortunately, Sudha overhears all their talk, and there is an end to it, Veena having failed, her husband Shantilal takes a hand at match-making. He thinks that Jayant—the car-dealer would make a nice husband for Sudha, Taking advantage of the pending car-deal he manages to put Sudha and Jayant under the same roof in an ideal spot for romance, 20 miles away from Bombay. The care-taker of the place is told that Jayant and Sudha are man and wife. The fun starts in the morning when the care-taker gets more inquisitive about the strange couple had found the husband's sleeping in the verandah, while the 'wife' was snoring in the bedroom.

But Jayant goes the way of all flesh! He honestly falls in love with Sudha and proposes to her. Sudha only reminds him of the temporary agreement. Jayant is restless and Sudha enjoys all the fun, till one day Sudha meets Jayant at the races. Jayant bets on a particular horse. Sudha says the horse will not win. There is an argument, as a result of which Jayant stakes his entire Motor Car Shop to Sudha. The horse loses. Sudha goes to claim Jayant's Shop and expects all customers to deal with her. She finds to her fury—that they do not!

Shobha, a known flirt of the City with plenty of cash to burn., calls at the shop. She casts a favourable look at the big line up of cars that also includes Jayant in it. Sudha cannot bear Shobha encouraging Jayant. Jayant turns out Sudha. Further, he writes two letters—one full of apologies to Shobha and the other to Sudha prohibiting her to be ever seen near the shop! The letters enter the wrong envelops and reach the wrong persons. Sudha is pleased with the apology and calls at the Shop only to find Jayant full of abuse. The other letter brings Shobha to the Shop in a bad temper. A riot follows. But we shall not go more into the story. HOLIDAY IN BOMBAY has enough promise of big entertainment, and you will like to see for yourselves...

[from the official press booklet]