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Kashmir (1951)

  • LanguageHindi

"PARADISE ON EARTH" - is synonym with Kashmir. This beautiful valley created by Nature's own hands has been for centuries past the greatest centre of attraction for the tourists of the world. The mightiest kings centered their attention on it, and had the greatest greed to own this variant, verdant and multi-coloured valley.
AH ! they wanted to conquer by force a land, little knowing that if they invaded it, they would be fighting against Nature. And it so happened again and again. And it so happened again and again. Ages passed, raiders came and went, heads changed crowns and dynasties vanished into the saffron earth, but the beauty of Kashmir remained unchanged.
BRUTE in man always failed to alter the tale written by Nature's own hands. Once again, recently the savage in man woke up, greed growled and barbarous passion wanted to burn the sober beauty that is innocence. Neighbours became dishonest and tensions ran rot. Raiders came in torrents, devastation pervaded and the greatest havoc was wrought in the name of religion. Uncultured, uncivilised and inhuman raiders were paid and fed to fight a "Holy War"! - WHT A SHAME! They were hired to kill their own kith and kin and to wipe off their own religion in the name of RELIGION.
UNARMED but patriotic, the simple folk of Kashmir rose for the defence of their country and fought with their backs to the wall. Bravery was overpowered by barbarism, houses were set on fire, children dropped in them, old women shot at sight and young ones raped. All this in the name of religion: A HOLY WAR and the HOLY ONE LAUGHED.
FRENZY prevailed everywhere, frantic appeals were made and HUMANITY came to the rescue. The tale of barbarism, destruction, crime and corruption is too well known to be narrated here. Around all this is woven a flaming story of love and hatred.
FULL of thrills, adventure, drama, melody, and dances, THIS TALE OF WOE, TEARS AND SIGHS IS PRESENTED IN TRUTH AND REALITY.

(From the official press booklets)