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Kharidar (1988)

  • LanguageHindi

Ajay Sahani (Shekhar Suman) is the only debauch son of his rich father. He is not interested in his father's business. All the time he is interested in wine and women.
Once he comes to know about the youthfulness of a prostitute Chanda (Sarika) in a red light area of the city. He meets her and is so much impressed by her beauty and all that he takes her to a five star hotel in Goa to have one long sexual holiday. But quite accidently Ajay Sahni's Col. Uncle (Krishnakant) along with his widow daughter-in-law Sheetal (Jankhana Desai) and here ailing son Kumar (Ravi Behl) come to the same hotel.
Ajay Sahni introduced Chanda to them as his wife. Sheetal is very pious lady. She is imbued with all the saintly virtues of a Hindu housewife. Thinking that Chanda is a really the wife of Ajay, who is actually posing before them. She begins to teach her wifely duties of a truly devout of Hindu housewife. Kumar also treats her as his sister and the col. Uncle loves her as his own daughter-in-law. Chanda repents her and reforms her which Ajay does not like and repeatedly remind her that no good family will accept her. One day or the other she has to return to the same place from where she has come.
In the mean time Sheetal's ailing son gets an attack and the doctor advises to shift him immediately to a good hospital. Col. Uncle's family is leaving Goa. 
Whether Col. Uncle and his family came to know the reality of Chanda? Whether Chanda really got married to Ajay?
Which path Chanda accepted in the end? Kotha or House.
Answer of all the above question is KHARIDAR.

(From the official press booklets)


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