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Khauff (2000)

  • LanguageHindi

The protagonist of the film titled "KHAUFF" which literally means "FEAR", is Neha. She is coming from a small town where she lives with her Grand Father and teen aged sister. Neha leaves for Mumbai when she gets the job of Air-Hostess in an International Airline. Reaching the metropolis, she stays with her friend Ritu who is engaged to a Police Inspector, Sharad.

While getting back home from Ritu's engagement party, Neha witnesses the murder of a senior police Inspector. The senior cop was an honest and upright officer who was investigating against the Mafia Don of the city. He is killed by the Don's son Parmeet. Witnessing the violent death of the Police Officer Neha gets un nerved and initially tries to hide the fact. But Sharad find her ID card at the place of event and summons her to the police station. Neha breaks down and admits that she has seen the murder. She identifies that Don's son as the killer.

The Don seeking a political career was about to file his nomination papers for the forthcoming election when his son gets arrested by the police. Maintaining a cool front to the press and public, Don hires a dangerous killer Babu to stop Neha from appearing at the court. But before Babu can go after her, Neha in the course of her duty, leaves for abroad with the crew of the International Airlines she is working for. Babu follows her to the foreign country and puts on his charm, on her to make her fall in love with him. He takes her to the best of the restaurant and the tourist spots of the country side and romances with her. He tells her that his name is Vicky. By this time, back in India the Police has come to know that an unknown killer is talking their prime-witness Neha.

(From the official press booklets)