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Khed Preetan Di (1967)

  • Release Date12/05/1967
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Length3722.22 meters
  • Number of Reels14 reels
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-50280- Mumbai
  • Certificate Date29/03/1967
  • Shooting LocationShri Sound Studios, Ranjit Studios, Bombay; City and Villages of Amritsar

Subedar Lal Singh (Rajinder Kapoor) and Shera (Yash Sharma) return from military assignment. Subedar has got bullet injury and his leg is imputed. He asks Shera to go to their village while he will follow after medical treatment. On his way Shera meets his old friend Lotia (Gopal Sehgal) and they relive some comical memories. Suddenly they hear cries of Basanti (Bela Bose), who is being chased by goons. While saving Basanti from being molested by the goons of Makhan Singh (Jagdev Bhambri), Shera kills one of them. He returns to his village after serving three years sentence. During his absence his family faced atrocities of Makhan Singh and his company.     
Deepak (Balwant Bansal), an educated young man from the city, is serving the motherland by cultivating and growing good crops by implementing consolidation of land, Cooperative by farming and with advanced agriculture techniques. All of these three men join hands and start making efforts to eradicate hunger and poverty from the village. Soon the village starts showing the signs of unity, but this peace and unity of the village becomes an eye sore for the wicked contractor Makhan Singh. He tries to set fire on the crops raised by the villagers. 
The peace-loving Subedar Lal Singh, became the guard of the village and confronted the evil-minded Makhan Singh. When Lal Singh was fighting the enemy Makhan Singh, someone stabs Lal Singh and he gets critically injured. Despite best efforts of the villagers, Lal Singh succumbs to the injuries. Thus, the apostle of peace is martyred while protecting the peace and tranquility of the village. 
The moment, the blood soaked body of Makhan Singh reaches the village, the whole village began to believe that Deepak has murdered Makhan Singh. However, his beloved Preeto (Indira Billy) believed that Deepak had not murdered Makhan Singh and the real murderer was his own brother Shera. Injured Shera runs away from the scene of crime to seek asylum in the city. Preeto faces a dilemma whether to save her lover or her own brother Shera. She points an accused finger towards her lover Deepak who is arrested for charges of murder and is tried in the court of law. Her father dies when he learns about this dreadful news. 
After a turn of events, Basanti and Shera join hands to reach the real murderer. Makhan’s munshi (Majnu) spills the beans and tells the court that Makhan has murdered Lal Singh. Makhan was killed with his gun. Deepak and Shera are acquitted honourably by the court. Deepak and Preeto gets married.  



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