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Mukhra Chan Warga (1969)

  • Release Date20/08/1971
  • GenreDrama
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Run Time120 mins
  • Length3549.57 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-56740- Mumbai
  • Certificate Date17/03/1969

The film depicts the unflinching love for the motherland exhibited by Preetam (Rajendra Kapoor), who although a poet, devotes his time and energy to make the villagers aware of the modern methods of agriculture. Finding him so devoted to the cause of the peasants, Chaudhary Shyam’s daughter Pammi (Indira Billy) falls in love with Preetam. She wants to live and die for him despite rebukes from her father. Chaudhary is not interested in farming in the village; instead, he goes to the city. He finds a job with a rich stone-contractor Pran, who is a womaniser with an uncle (Majnu) who helps him in finding new prey i.e. women. Now they eyeChaudhary Shyam’s daughter Pammi as their next victim. They cast their net by serving Chaudhary English brandy. Pran gives large money to Chaudhary Shyam in order to secure Pammi’s hand in marriage. Shyam is quick to agree. When Pammi comes to know about the plan, she rebukes her father for selling her to a notorious person, who has no respect for women. In protest, she leaves the house and reaches Preetam. She pleads with him to give her protection by immediately marrying before the goddess of love. Meanwhile her father Chaudhary Shyam requests the village panchayat to throw Preetam out of the village for having abducted his daughter. Preetam and Pammi tell the panchayat that Shyam wanted to sell Pammi for ulterior gains, compelling them to marry before the goddess of love. The panchayat takes a lenient view, however, and orders both of them to leave the village.

Preetam and Pammi go from village to village trying to secure farming jobs, but they are turned out. Ultimately, they land in the city where Preetam gets a foreman’s job in a factory. Pammi also gets a job in a theatrical company with the help of Mini (Lata Arora), who is the mistress of the theatre owner Mr Verma. After a few days, while Pammi is relaxing in Mini’s house, Mr Verma tries to outrage her modesty. Pammi is frightened and leaves the job. Preetam suggests to her that they open their own theatrical company to serve the cause of art. Their new venture gets them recognition, both Preetam and Pammi are now part of big gatherings. At a celebration party, Pammi and Preetam happen to meet Pran and his uncle. Pran invites them for a picnic where he misbehaves with Pammi. In the ensuing fight, Pran abducts Pammi while his stooges thrash Preetam brutally.  Pran takes Pammi to his house, where he finds his uncle making love to his mistress Mary (Sheela R,). Infuriated Pram shoots down both his uncle and Mary. In the scuffle, Pammi manages to escape from the clutches of Pran. 

The injured Preetam is spotted by Mini, who takes him to a hospital. Preetam survives but loses his memory. When Pammi reaches the spot of their picnic, she finds both her husband Preetam and son Shammi missing. Bhola Shah (Kharaiti), who used to stalk Pammi, had left the village due to frequent scolding by his wife Bhag Bhari (Lalita Kumari). He now meets Pammi and asks her to return to their village as her father Shyam has gone mad in her absence. One day Pammi goes to the temple of the goddess of love to seek her blessings. She finds Preetam and Mini standing there. She is shocked as Preetam refuses to recognise her. Mini tells her that Preetam has lost his memory and she is taking him from place to place so that his memory is restored. Ultimately with their concerted efforts, Preetam gets back his memory. Their son Shammi also joins them with the help of Bhola Shah.



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