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Kyon (2003)

  • LanguageHindi

"KYON" follows the lives of five college friends, Vikram Desai, Tony Brar, Amar Mathur, Neha Bose and Shilpa Narang who have a great bonding with each other which is asexual. They belong to today's young generation of urban India. Following the lives and lifestyles of these youth of today, we see how dysfunctional they are spending huge amount of money in being self-indulgent whether it be alcohol, drugs, sex or various forms of entertainment.
Se we trail our five characters from their homes to college, then on to clubs, pubs, discos and bowling alleys. One can see the slow decay setting in the value systems governing our society reflected in the happy go-lucky lives led by these five youngsters who represent the present generation between fourteen to twenty-two.
This film makes a serious comment on the erosion of values in the younger generation whose sole aim being to seek excitement and enjoyment continuously in their lives. And their lives are completely guided by one selfish motto of living their life to the fullest regarding of honour, truth and focus.
Although this story is set in the city of Mumbai and speaks of today's times, it's reflections can be seen anywhere, any other city or mufassil town of urban India.
The plot revolves around five college friends Vikram, Tony, Amar, Neha and Shilpa. All of them except Amar belong to the upper strata of the society, while Amar has a middle-class background. Amar enjoys being a part of the gang and constantly wants to "keep up with the Jone's" and the lifestyle led by them which he cannot afford on his own. He wants to be their peer and not be labelled their 'sychophant".
Amar's mother, Prabha Mathur is worried about her son imitating his rich friends in his tastes and wants.
Narang, a rich businessman is upset that his wife always pampers and indulges their daughter, Shilpa's rich and expensive demands. Shilpa, their daughter's latest demand and complaint against her parents is that they haven't bought her the latest Sports Car that she's seen on the internet for her coming birthday.
Aarti Bose, a fading film star, full of joie-de-vivre encourages her daughter, Neha who is a brilliant student to party and never questions her and feels youthful enough herself to participate and be seen in the same discos and bowling-alleys that her daughter frequents.
Rajeev Desai, Home Minister of the State passionately obsessed with his immature son, Vikram, is hounded by fears about his son's late night home-coming and lack-a-dasical attitude to life. He is an indulgent father, aristocratically wealthy and has hope of introducing his son as the Youth Leader of his political party's Youth Wing.
Mr. & Mrs. Brar are completely oblivious of Tony's duplicitous behaviour. He is an academically brilliant student attending college regularly which they are aware of. But are clueless about his night-life which is smeared with drug-abuse, sexual escapades and violent irrational tantrums.
Shilpa keeps complaining about wanting a car for her birthday to her friends. And one day the four friends make a plan without the knowledge of Shilpa, to get her the car, that she so much wants. Their plan almost succeeds . Almost. None of the five could have anticipated what their next perfect plan would lead them to.
The incidents that follow break them apart bringing to the fore the class differences and the darker side of the lives led by the so-called "Satellite Generation"