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Long Da Lishkara (1983)

  • Release Date16/12/1983
  • FormatColour
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Run Time143 min
  • Length3950.09 meters
  • Number of Reels16
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor Certificate NumberB-033- Mumbai
  • Certificate Date16/08/1983
  • Shooting LocationPatiala, Bagrian, Bhatinda, Ludhiana

‘Long Da Lishkara’ is a romantic melodrama with a dash of ’80s revenge style saga about overthrowing old customs and traditions for the sake of true love. The central conflict of the story arises between the westernized son and the tradition-bound mother. Raja (Raj Babbar) the son of wealthy royals, imbued with western culture, returns to his village in Punjab after a period of 15 years spent in Canada. His mother and the whole village are extremely excited about his arrival. Raja is fascinated by the raw beauty of the natural surroundings of the village. He meets the housemaid Preeto (Harpreet Deol), as raw and untainted in her youth as nature around. He falls in love with her but his tradition-bound mother is against this relationship. Raja’s liberated spirit rises against the deeply rooted tradition of class disparity. Raja’s mother Sardarni Sarup Kaur (Neena Tiwana) warns Raja not to trample tradition underfoot by falling for the low born Preeto. The local villager Dittu (Om Puri) is also vying for Preeto’s affections. When Dittu finds out about Raja’s affection for Preeto, he is furious and swears to split them. 
Meanwhile, Raja goes in search of his old friend Channa (Gurdas Maan) only to discover that he has become a sage after the death of his lover who had died due to their different class backgrounds. Raja is shocked that such attitudes are still in place. Unknown to Raja is the fact that he is about to face the same heartbreak when his mother disapproves of his relationship with the family maid Preeto as she is from a lower-class background. He tries standing up to her but he is emotionally blackmailed by his mother who asks him to choose between her and Preeto. His mother goes on to narrate how a lower-class maid, whom his father had been involved with, had led to his death. As a result, Raja and Preeto stop dating much to the excitement of Dittu. Unknown to Raja’s mother is the fact that Preeto is the daughter of the raped maid which had led to her husband’s death. A depressed Preeto is told by her aunt Gulabo (Nirmal Rishi) that Raja’s father was the main reason behind her mother’s death. Before her death, she had promised her mother that Preeto would avenge her death by becoming the mistress of the mansion. She urges Preeto not to be depressed and avenge her mother’s death by becoming the mistress of the mansion. But now Preeto decides to take her revenge by marrying Dittu. When Sardarni comes to know about this, she tells Gulabo that she is agreeable to the marriage of Raja with Preeto. After the bloody clashes between Dittu and Raja, the true love of Raja and Preeto triumphs.