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Maalik (1972)

  • LanguageHindi

                   LOVE IS SUPREME        

                                                                                          LOVE IS ETERNAL !!

For Raju, this was the only creed in life from the very start. 

Raju was a saintly human being, poor and unlettered; but God's smile was on him. Each passing day brought him more and more wealth, riches and success in life - and soon he got united in wedlock to Savitri, a well-educated girl from a wealthy family.

Raju and Savitri loved each other very deeply, yet between them was also a dividing wall of clashing convictions.

For Savitri, the husband was the Lord and Master and conviction was almost a religion with her. For Raju however, there could be no Master except the Supreme Lord, he

Master-Creator of the entire Universe - The Lord who gave light to the sun and the Moon. Each was right according to one's own light.Soon yet another vacuum began to form in their life. They became the parents of a son but the joy of parenthood remained miles out of their reach. They were like the two banks of a river, each facing the other - but far separated from each other.

How did the wall of clashing convictions crumble down?

How did Raju's Lord bring light to the mind of Savitri with his own brilliance?

The silver screen will provide the answers.

(From the official press booklets)