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Meera Ka Mohan (1992)

  • LanguageHindi

Ravi (Avinash wadhawan) is an ideal young boy. Although his studies, to meet his expenses, he also works part time. He has high regards for the music teacher Premshankar (Aloknath) and gives regular stage shows with Premshankar's daughter Preeti (Ashwani Bhave). Preeti finds a true friend in Ravi. But Ravi silently loves Preeti and is always lost in dreams about her. Ravi is unable to express his feelings of love to Preeti. Shakti Raj (Brando Bakshi) has an evil eye on Preeti and one day alongwith his friend Dilip (Rajhans) he tries to molest Preeti. But Ravi reaches there on time and fouls their plans.

Ravi's dreams shatter when he sees Preeti with Vijay (Deepak Saraf). But on seeing their deep emotional attachment he doesn't utter a single word and quietly crushes his own desire for Preeti.

Judge Rai Bahadur Deviprasad (Pran) is a rich aristocratic person who believes in family traditions. Vijay is his only grandson and heir. Vijay takes Preeti home to meet his grandfather. Rai Bahadur Deviprasad is startled to see Preeti because he had seen Preeti with Ravi. He tries to convince Vijay that Preeti doesn't deserve to be Bahu of their family but Vijay is adamant and Deviprasad has to agree. Preeti enters Deviprasad's Havili as their Bahu.

One night an incident occurs which destroys Preeti's happiness. Shakti Raj too is killed the same night and Ravi is arrested on charge of his murder. Preeti is the sole eyewitness of Ravi's innocence. But if Preeti goes to court as a witness her own family life would be at stake. Humanity forces Preeti to go to court as a witness. She stands before Judge Rai Bahadur Deviprasad to prove Ravi's innocence. This creates hatred for her in the hearts of Vijay and Deviprasad. She is insulted and thrown out of the Haveli.

Ravi then gathers proof to prove Preeti's innocence. He is killed while saving Vijay from the clutches of hooligans but before dying he unites the two lovers.

(From the official press booklets)



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