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Mera Jivan (1976)

  • LanguageHindi

It's a story concerning life, depicting life through the lives of certain characters of the film. It explains to use the meaning of life; whether its lone, devotion or human good-its left for the audience to decide.

Our story starts in a small village Belapur situated in deep picturesque interior of country. Here in this village a sweet girl Sandhya is suffering from a heart disease. Her brother Biharilal takes the right girl to a big city hospital. They happen to meet young doctor Anand in his hospital. He is a devoted young man very much interested in medical research. He is in the best books of senior doctors of the hospital.

Sandhya had lost hope but Anand kindles the ray of hope in her mind. Once while she is sitting sand and forlorn he gives her a flower telling her that life though short is yet very sweet, Sandhya is highly impressed-but due to her brother's fear of risking her life she could not be operated there. They turned back.

Anand had to face an unexpected tragedy. He was rusticated from medical college for breaking college rules and regulations and his studies were disrupted for three years. He was going home when he came across Dr. Tyagi, an old retired doctor who was spending last years of his life attending the sick from village to village. He was like a moving hospital. Dr. Tyagi took Anand along with him but after few days Tyagi's death gave Anand another shock of his life.

Now Anand had not future. He was like a lost traveller. Stresses and strains of fortune led him to Belapur where he had to work as a doctor in a small hospital. He was a doctor without degree and was working in the hospital illegally. Once in the village he happened to meet Sandhya under a barren tree in the village. Anand remembered how deeply he had studied the case of this girl and how she left the city hospital without being operated. Sandhya's life was like the barren tree-in Anand's company she felt a new hope of spring vibrating in her being. One day Sandhya had a severe heart attack. In the village hospital there was no equipment for heart operation - yet her operation was a must - she was in a very critical condition - she could not be taken to city - due to long journey. Anand felt Sandhya's life could be saved but the other doctors of the hospital were not in favour of operation being done - owing to lack of equipment. Did Anand operate Sandhya? Was he allowed by the senior doctors to do so? Could Sandhya's life be saved?

These are questions beautifully tackled by Director Bindoo Shukla in Shreeji International's "Mera Jivan".

(From the official press booklet)