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Minoo (1977)

  • LanguageHindi

Minoo is a small girl of nine. Her only ambition is to have a brother as her neighbour and friend Lalita has got. She spends most of the time playing with Lalita and her small brother. She keeps her mother nagging for a brother. Ultimately a day comes. Mother goes to the hospital to bring her a brother. But unfortunately she dies after giving birth to a dead child. She is told that her brother will come. After sometime neither the mother comes nor the brother but a step mother comes. Minoo refuses to accept her as a mother.

She becomes rude, adamant and a problem child. She wants to go to her mother, so she decides to go and leaves the house. As she comes on the outskirts of the village she finds a child crying which was left alone. She picks him up, brings him home. Ramnath knew she has picked up somebody's abandoned child. The child is not acceptable in the house and she is asked to leave it where it was. But Minoo was not ready to part with it. She manages to run away taking alongwith her the pet goat Kali and the child to whom she takes her as her brother and eventually reaches the city. 

How she struggles to keep her brother alive in a big city and ultimately what happens to her and her brother is revealed on the silver screen.

(From the official press booklet)