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Miss Chal Baaz (1961)

  • LanguageHindi

She was not a witty girl. In order to track down the murderer of her own father, she had to adopt several means and ways which were looked upon by the people as cunning designs.

As soon as Roopa (Helen) returned from England, she saw the dead body of her father who was the biggest scientist of the country. Her late father had devised a formula to reach the Mars.  Due to this discovery he had to sacrifice his own life. Later, the formula came into the hands of Dr. Sinha. Dr. Sinha, with the help of the formula and by using all sorts of crafty means, tried to destroy the entire world. He also got the help of the scientists of Mrs. In order to save the world form disaster Dr. Ghosh, Ashok and Roopa had to face a lot of troubles.

How Roopa outwitted several people to attain her object, can be seen in details in the proud offering "MISS CHALBAAZ" produced and directed by PYARELAL under the banner of HIND PICTURES.

(From the official press booklet)