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Modern Girl (1961)

  • LanguageHindi

The youth of India is at crossroads. The female of the species particularly the modern Girl, is utterly confused. IN childhood she hears of the saints like Mirabai. In school she reads about warriors like Laxmibai of Jhansi. In college she learns about the beatnik age on the one hand and she is asked to join the N.C.C. on the other.

Sheela too was such a modern girl, whose father Ramdas, a jewellery salesman, had sent her for higher education against the wishes of his orthodox wife. During the N.C.C. parade when Sheela is awarded the gold medal for being the best girl cadet, Prem, a handsome reporter, is smitten by her beauty. He along with his friend Jeevan makes many unsuccessful efforts to attract Sheela.

Jeevan in turn refuses to marry Rekha, because she is old fashioned but Rekha transforms herself into a modern wench and Jeevan falls for her head over heels.

Minu, Sheela's younger sister, is lost in the dizzy circle of the idle rich and finds herself caught in the web spread round her by Mr. Nath, a sinister character. In the nick of time Minu realises the situation and in a life and death struggle, she saves her honour. She has however brought disgrace to the family, which she had deserted at the instigations of Mr. Nath. In an effort to redeem herself, she takes upon herself the blame for stealing the jewellery, which her father was carrying to Delhi for his firm and which he had lost. When she surrenders herself to the police she is shocked to learn that she is wanted for the murder of one Mr. Naidu.

What happens in the exciting court scene thereafter and what daring deeds Sheela performs to save her younger sister from the gallows should be seen on the screen, which will unfold a terrific climax.

(From the official press booklet)