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Moti Mahal (1952)

  • LanguageHindi

In the hilly state of Champa Nagar, the magnificent castle of Rai Saheb Motisagar called "MOTI MAHAL" stands there even today in all its regal glory. Our story springs from this historical palace whose ghastly memories make people shiver with fear even now. After Rai Saheb's sudden demise the rumour got currency that his restless spirit still hovered about the palace. Though nobody had any proof in support of this, but subsequent incidents gave substance to it. Just two days after his death, as his maid servant was bringing his only son SUDHIR to Champa Nagar by train the child disappeared on the way. Hardly could the shock of this news subside, when one stormy night his nephew Jugal and sister's son Shekhar came together to "MOTI MAHAL" to hear the WILL from Vakil. But Lo! the Vakil himself vanished and his dead body was picked up in the palace-compound, sometime later. 

Suspicion fell on Shekhar who had slipped away. The police gave a chase but he escaped. Jugal made every attempt to prove Shekhar's innocence but in vain. Shekhar kept dodging the long arm of Law.

Soon, he met a big city Doctor's young and charming daughter ROOPA. She sought to help him out but the police started shadowing the doctor and things became more complicated.

Though Shekhar succeeded in recovering the missing child at grave peril to his own life but subsequent happenings took such a strange turn that his triumph proved a fresh calamity to the doctor and ROOPA. The police took the doctor in custody under mysterious circumstances. And ROOPA, whose sympathy for Shekhar had developed into love, could do nothing but weep over her misfortune.

What happened to the romance of Roopa and Shekhar?

Did the doctor secure release from prison?

Who was the real culprit?

Who was behind those mysterious and weird incidents at "MOTI MAHAL"?

You will get all the answers on the Silver Screen. 

(From the official press booklet)