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Prestige or Pahle Aap (1944)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

The golden days of Indian history that shine forth like pearls, pass before our eyes even today like moonlight from thousands of years ago, even though the vagaries of time have deprived us of our great powers. The memory of those days still smoulders in our hearts; our hospitality led to us losing everything we held dear. However, we have still not lost our bent towards hospitality. In the ruins of our former glory, a small light shines, showing the way to lost travellers. This very light shines on three friends in the small village of Mugalpur. It is their story of life in this greedy, selfish world that we will relate here.

Punjoo Miyan was the only remaining descendant of the glorious Nawabs, and Jyotiprasad was the last rays of the setting sun of the Rana family. Chhote Lal was the forthright son of the tyrannic zamindar of Mugalpur. The three were as close as blood brothers, ready to do anything for each other. While sporting with each other and fishing, Chhote Lal sees and falls in love with Chowdhary Ramu’s lovely daughter, Ragni. Her laugh rang sweeter than her name, and she was sweetest in her anger. Seeing tears in her beautiful eyes, Chhote Lal began to suffer from the pangs of love.

The zamindar of the village, however, did not allow the two lovers to be united, despite the best efforts of Nawab Saheb and Rana Sahed. Frustrated, Chhote Lal bent his way to the new world. Punjoo Miyan and Jyotiprasad, both frustrated with their wives, also proceeded with him along the path their family’s pride led them on inevitably.

Did the three separated friends come together again?

Did the darkness clear from the lives of the two lovers?

Did the zamindar have a change of heart?

Who will provide the answers to these questions? The silver screen, or you?

(Translated from the official press booklet)



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