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Ramu Dada (1961)

  • LanguageHindi

Tall and robust Ramu wedded to strength, determination and indomitable courage was a well-known 'Gunda' of Bombay. He believed in the principle of "Might is right" and earned his living totally with violence and terror. In the routine of his cruelties once he happened to be the cause of death of an innocent child of a helpless mother and on returning home he was shocked to find his most beloved sister Jamuna attacked by paralysis. Tears of repentance showered from his eyes which washed away all the sins within him. His life took a new turn and he became a noble-hearted, honest and hardworking man.

One day a young boy Ravi saved Ramu from a fatal accident. Ramu and Ravi became intimate friends. Soon after Ravi was arrested by police on the charge of stealing a car and smuggling. Ramu came to the rescue of his friend and with the help of Rekha, who had already developed a soft corner for handsome Ravi, got him released. Ravi went to, Rekha to express his gratitude. Rekha was attracted and Ravi was charmed with each other. The two hearts came closer and drowned deep in the ocean of love. Rekha's uncle Rai Sahib could not tolerate this development of love as it was sure to be a great blow to his plans and plots to acquire all the wealth and property of Rekha.

Rai Sahib was a polished man of black deeds. Sitara, a society girl, seasoned in all games was his partner and David a notorious gangster was the chief of his gang. With the help of both of them Rai Sahib made some attempts to break the romance of Rekha but Ramu always withstood in their way. Rai Sahib thought to get rid of Ramu first of all.

Suddenly a dispute arose between Rai Sahib and David.  He, therefore, planned a trap as a consequent of which he murdered David and got Ramu involved in the murder. He killed two birds with the same stone. Ramu had to abscond.

Now Sitara and Rai Sahib conspired a new plan to separate Rekha and Ravi. They sent Jagdish in between them who succeeded in posing as past lover and future husband of Rekha. Ravi left Rekha. Ramu, the criminal in the eyes of the world, roamed here and there under all odd and even circumstances in search of the real murderer. On the pious day of Raksha-bandhan he went to meet his dear sister and was arrested by the police. The court proceedings started. Ramu was guilty of murder according to the prosecution. Could Ramu succeed in exposing the real murderer ? See on the Screen.

(From the official press booklet)