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Rishte Naate (1965)

  • LanguageHindi

We have the proud privilege of offering you one of the most important and never to be forgotten picture "RISHTE NAATE" in Hindi produced by Amarjothi Movies, Madras. It co-stars RAAJ KUMAR as a modest villager and NUTAN as a handsome educated girl in the title roles ably supported by Jamuna, Nazir Hussain, Kannaiyalal, Dhumal, David, Ameeta, Devan Varma and others. More than any of the above artistes, the child prodigy Baby Shakila, by her wonderful and realistic performance steals the heart of everyone who sees the picture.

It is a story completely set in a village background depicting the jealousy among people and party factions in general. The story has been boldly told on the screen by Director K.S.

Gopalakrishnan. The ill-feelings and differences created between the members of a family and the resulting confusion gaining momentum day by day ultimately reach a climax. As we all know 'Destiny leads, we fellow' it so happens that by the skilful and innocent part played by the child prodigy Baby Shakila,  a re-union of the family, is established to the satisfaction of all. You have to see it to know how it happens

Music by Madan Mohan and lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri are additional factors in making Raishte Naate a big and wonderful movie, in addition to the dialogues from the masterly pen of Viswamitter Adil.

(From the official press booklet)