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Riyasat (1955)

  • LanguageHindi

Mansing the power-crazy king of Mangadh had an evil eye on the boundaries of Karangadh. He invades and conquers Karangadh and by foul means kills Karansingh. Dilip, the tender aged son of Karansingh, who is betrothed to Amber, the three years old princess of Chetgadh, is however saved by Chetsingh. Chetsingh leaves Dilip to the care of Ustad, an ace sword player. 

Years roll by and Dilip grows into a sturdy, young man. He comes to know that Amber and Chetsingh are in the prison of Mansingh. So as Sagar Daku he declares revolt against Mansingh. 

On the other side Mansingh, who invites many bloodsheds to build his empire, gets disgusted with his son who differs from his father on every ground, as he believes in peace and prosperity of his subjects. So, Mansingh brushes him aside as a dud and gives unlimited power to his daughter Sharda. Power drunk Sharda ill-treats one and all and treats Amber as her slave. 

One day as Sharda and Amber go out for a stroll, the bandits attack them but as arranged Dilip comes on the scene and saves them. This gives an opportunity to Dilip who is at once enrolled as an officer in the army of Mansingh. Here Dilip takes Sharda in his confidence and becomes successful in finding way to the prison. 

One day as Amber and Dilip meet, Sharda overhears their talk and finds out that Dilip is none else but the dethroned prince of Karangadh. So Sharda arrests both of them but the associates of Dilip arrive on the scene and save them. 

For the first time, true lovers, Amber and Dilip meet under the open sky. Again Dilip chalks out new plans to attack Mansingh. Rather than inviting the bloodshed of innocent thousands, Dilip invites Mansingh for an open duel, Swords clash each one tries to win over the other. Ultimately Dilip overpowers Mansingh and in the open Court, sets him free and gives him a slogan 'Live and let others live happily'.

(From the official press booklet)