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Rupaye Dus Karod (1991)

  • Release Date29/11/1991
  • GenreDrama, Action, Thriller
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Censor RatingU/A

Ravi Varma is not only a criminal lawyer but also a very famous author of detective books... every book he writes is a jewel by itself and is well known not only in India but all over the world.  All his books carry a lesson for his readers that CRIME DOES NOT PAY.

On this smooth road to success Ravi Varma's destiny takes a turn and what happens in his Life was beyond his dreams and his imagination. The dangerous game of crime which he only wrote about now became a part of his Life and a reason for his Death !

The notorious criminal 'Babubhai and his lawyer Jamnadas' kidnapped Ravi's mother... and they put forward only one condition. If Ravi would use the power of his pen and complete their job... then they would release his mother... because his mother was worth ten crores to them - those ten crores which had come through the Reserve Bank to one man... Jamanadas and Babubhai told Ravi to create a story so that those ten crores reach their lockers without any trouble... thus a helpless Ravi Verma picked up his pen and created a story where there would be many murders and it was Ravi's responsibility to end the story...

Can Ravi Verma who is a watchdog of the Law become a prey to it ?

Whom did those ten crores of rupees belong to ?

Can this money be acquired so easily ?

Come, find the answers in the thrilling story of 'RUPAYE DUS KAROD'.

(From the official press booklet)



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