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Sabse Bada Rupaiya (1955)

  • Release Date1955
  • LanguageHindi

The story of SABSE BADA RUPAIYA has for its theme the mental obsession which the rich suffer and the change of heart which sudden windfall of fortune brings in its wake, in otherwise simple hearted and honest people.

Seth Karorimal is a millionaire whose life is altogether relegated to the counting and custody of his millions. In vivid contrast to him is his son, Kishen who considers money merely as means to an end. This divergence of attitudes had naturally created a wide chasm between them and brought about frequent bickerings.

Karorimal had loaned some money to one Gangaram for his son's wedding. As circumstances would have it, Gangaram could not repay the amount in time and so conflict arose between the two.

While Karorimal is planning action against Gangaram it so happens that the village barber Rajaram brings in a marriage proposal for Kishen to him. He unfortunately creates an awful impression on the visitors. They get suspicious and leave the place in dismay.

Karorimal is shocked at this abrupt breaking off of the negotiations as he perceives in this the loss of valuable dowry. Being baulked of his fortune he decides to punish his son for chasing away imminent fortune.  He therefore puts him on collecting his dues. And he is first charged with the responsibility of realizing money from Gangaram.

Concurrently with this he sends Rajaram to Gangaram with the message that the latter's debts can be remitted if Gangaram agrees to offer his elder daughter Laxmi to him in marriage.

The first impact of the thought that such a young and charming girl should be betrothed to an old hag like Karorimal upsets Gangaram but ultimately he agrees to the alliance.

Laxmi overhears the conversation and in despair decides to commit suicide. Kishen however saves her. Gangaram and his wife, on learning that Kishen has been the saviour of their daughter feel overwhelmed and take him to their house. Kishen learns the entire story about them and their predicament and on knowing everything promises succour to them. Gangaram and his family become quite enamoured of Kishen and feel happy in offering Laxmi's hand to him.

Karorimal, somehow comes to know that some rich man's son is about to marry Laxmi. Feeling spiteful, he decides to bring about attachment on Gangaram's house and belongings right at the moment when the wedding procession would be at his doors.

Kishen stages the "Nautanki" and collects the requisite funds but before he could reach Gangaram's house as a bridegroom, Gangaram is already on the road. The moment, however, Kishen arrives the situation changes. Face to face with his son, Karorimal burns with indignation for he had never thought that his own son would so much disparage and insult him. He leaves the scene shouting and swearing. Laxrni and Kishen are married.

Now that Laxmi was already married it was the turn of her younger sister to be betrothed. Kishen and Laxmi are invited to attend the ceremony. While they are going for the function they come across a tin box full of currency notes. Laxmi takes it to her parents' house and hides it amongst the odds and ends of the household, lodged in a room.

Laxmi's brother Gopal, a gambling addict, one day disposes of all the junk which also includes the box containing the currency notes. When Laxmi comes to know of it she is obliged to give out the secret of the cash box. A chase for the missing box starts. Every one runs helter-skelter to locate it. Everyone wants to lay hands on it. Gangaram and his wife see in that box the salvation of all their worries; Gopal and his wife see in it  few years of luxurious living while Laxmi reels with the thought that in the loss of this box calamity stood at her very doors.

What follows hereafter is an endless chain of dramatic events such as are rarely seen on the screen.

What happens to the cash box? Who gets the money? What are the comic situations created in the quest of the elusive cash and how every­ thing comes to a finale-you will get the answer in "SABSE BADA RUPAIYA".

(From the official press booklet)